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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Product Review!!

I purchased the Reynolds Handi Vac vacuum sealer a month or so ago, and man...that thing is AWESOME! I've always wanted one of those big foodsaver things, but the price, and size has prevented me from purchasing. I'm SO glad I waited. This little gadget is much smaller, much, MUCH cheaper and works beautifully!

You just put your food in one of the resealable bags (and yes, you have to purchase the specially made bags), zip it shut, cover the hole with the vacuum sealer and push the button. In just seconds, all the air is sucked out! So COOL! My meat comes out of the freezer looking as fresh as when it went in, and it has more than doubled the length of time we can keep salad in the fridge. I HIGHLY recommend this handy little gadget. (And no...I'm not being paid to say that :-) )

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Sandy - As a fellow minister's wife, I am always looking for good products at a reasonable price. Thanks for the suggestion!!