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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jalapenos and Hibiscus

I LOVE alliteration and although these to words don’t LOOK like they  would – um- alliterate? – I think they sound fun together :-)

It is HOT outside today.  I mean…HOT!  And humid.  Like you step outside and hit a wall of heat and your glasses steam up and you kind of wilt and instantly are soaked with sweat kind of hot and humid.  AND I LOVE IT!  (especially when I return to my air conditioned house, LOL)  I just LOVE summer and the heat and humidity. I’m just so happy.

And so is my hibiscus.  It is definitely getting the hot, humid, wet, tropical weather these days.  And it shows!


I picked this hibiscus tree up at Sam’s Club this spring.  It hung out in my bathroom for a while, ‘cause the temperature outside wouldn’t stay above 50.  I worried about it for a while, because all the flowers bloomed and then fell off and it was just this plain tree.  But when I moved it outside and it got LOTS of rain and now the heat…well..just LOOK at what it has done!  SEVEN beautiful blooms on it!



And speaking of HEAT….


we are sure hoping these babies produce some!  LOOK at what came out of my GARDEN today!   Aren’t they beautiful????  We are hoping for lots more off of our 8 jalapeno plants :)  But we are thrilled with this beginning!


Ahhhh…summertime.  I am SO happy!!

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shaun said...

I won't comment on the weather. You know I feel about that. However, saw this recipe and thought of you! Have you ever had these?