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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Another Road trip

Ok, so my sister was having a big birthday party on Saturday the 3rd.  A BIG birthday…and a BIG party.  I wasn’t planning on making the trip to Ohio yet again, having just been there in May for a confirmation and June for a graduation.  I had no one to help me drive…and I just couldn’t face that road trip alone again.  So I had RSVP’d my regrets for the party.

But…my friend Lisa called me last Wednesday and said “I don’t have to work Friday or Monday and I want to DO something.  What are you doing this weekend?”  I said … “Well…this might not be what you had in mind, but…my sister is having this big party on Saturday and I wasn’t going to go, but if I had another driver…”  And Lisa said “OK…let’s go!”

Wow…so by Friday morning, she and I were on Interstate 80 headed east!  What a great time we had!  We stopped in Mishiwaka, Indiana for the night, where we enjoyed a yummy dinner at Papa Vino’s Italian restaurant (he was our second choice, because the Chinese place was closed for a vacation…but wow…it was a GREAT second choice!) and an evening in the Hampton Inn (my hotel of choice!)  It was a great hotel, other than the ice machine directly across the hall (according to Lisa anyway…I never heard it, LOL) 

We spent Saturday morning visiting the Amish area of Shipshiwana.  It was HOT, but we enjoyed our shopping there!  Lisa treated me to a buggy ride touring the area!



What a smile! 




An enjoyable morning spent in another beautiful part of God’s creation!

We wrapped things up there and headed on to NW Ohio just in time for…

(continued in next post!)

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