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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Youth Group Trip to Valley Fair

June 28th was the Minnesota South District’s Lutheran Day at Valley Fair.  We had a crew from our church that went, including all SIX of our family.  It was a gorgeous day…a bit chilly and cloudy in the morning, but it cleared up nicely and we all had a great time!


Ethan and Ron…front seat of the Renegade!  Ethan likes those front seats!


climbing….(yeah…Ethan and Ron are in the front seat again!  And NO..I’m not a chicken!  I went on it, too.  I just went a few trains ahead of them :-)


almost to the top…


and on the way DOWN….(yes, Martha…this is where I screamed!)


This is one of the Valley Fair photographer guys…that wants to take your picture so you can buy it later.  Sam grabbed my camera and said “Hey…can I take your picture?” 


The guys…Caleb, Sam, Cameron, Danny, Ron and Ethan. 

And yeah…I forgot to get a picture of the girls!


Ethan at the top of the world!  Or…at least the top of Valley Fair!



This ride spins, shakes, rattles and rolls! Wow it was FUN!


That’s our girls on there.  This is one ride I said “NO THANKS” to!


They insisted it was “an AWESOME ride!”  I just enjoyed it from the ground!

Thanks, Minnesota South District, for hosting such a FUN day!

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