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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mall of America—revisited

Since we have 3 kids working at the pool, it is REALLY difficult for them all to get any length of time off together.  So our “family” vacation this summer consists of doing things individually with each kid, as they come up with ideas.  We spent that week in South Dakota with Ethan (and he went to Ohio with me, and then again with is dad…he’s almost as much of a traveler as Ron and I are this summer!)  Ron took Cameron fishing yesterday, and they’ll probably do that again a few times (as soon as Ronnie replaces that fishing pole…yeah…things didn’t go so well yesterday :-) 

Rachel’s idea was the Mall of America.  Ron suffered through it once already this summer with me…and that was more than enough for him.  So, Rachel and I took off on Wednesday morning and headed a few hours north. We hit IKEA ( LOVE that store!!) and Kohls (no tax on shoes or clothing in MN, ya know!) and then relaxed at the hotel for the evening (well…by the time we got done at Kohls, there wasn’t much evening left…we pretty much crashed.

After getting up on Thursday just in time to hit the hotel breakfast, we headed to the mall with a “shop til we drop” mentality.  We had a great time!  We mostly browsed (except at Old Navy…the girl NEEDED more flip flops, ya know…she’s only got a dozen pair or so!) and enjoyed our day together. 

In the …well…it used to be Camp Snoopy, but now it’s Nickelodeon something…area, there is a butterfly garden that you can go in for just $2.  THAT was fun!  Here are some pictures from that.











I think this is my favorite one!  I love this setting on my camera!  Doesn’t it just look COOL?



We left the Mall in the early evening, headed back to our hotel and did the hot tub/pool thing for a little while.  Then crashed early, ‘cause we had to get up and hit the road the next morning for Rachel to get to work at the pool.  Whew…what FUN we had!


Totallyscrappy said...

I love that you are getting in vacation time any way you can!! Glad you both had fun. :)

shaninvb said...

Love the camera setting with the blue butterfly!