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Friday, July 24, 2009

Meeting Old Friends

It sounds a little weird to say “meeting” and “old friends” together, but it is really what has happened a couple of times this summer.  I got to meet two friends that I’ve only “met” online.  Both were in the area for a day, and I was able to have lunch and face to face conversation with them.  We’ve been email friends for 5-7 years.  It was just like sitting down with an old friend that I’ve known forever.  The visits were way too short and I can’t wait to see them again!  Now it is my turn to travel to Oregon and Colorado!


Terry and I (and Rachel and some of Terry’s family) met for lunch at a YUMMY Mexican restaurant in New Hampton.  What a great few hours we shared!


Just a week or so later, I (and Rachel and Ethan) drove to Iowa City to meet Jan (And Anthony and Angie) at Hu Hot…one of my favorite restaurants.  What a GREAT visit we had!


our kids didn’t hit it off at all…(HA!)  Angie is the daughter of Jan’s best friend and another of my online friends, Lyn.  Lyn couldn’t make this trip, but we were sure glad to meet Angie!


What a good time they had getting to know each other!


Rachel, Anthony, Ethan and Angie…new friends!

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Zaroga said...

Sandy... aah... me screaming. Somehow you got off my blog roll... blogger was giving me fits a while back. Now I'm wondering who else I lost. I appreciate your comment on my blog.

I haven't met any of my online friends in person, but hopefully that will change one day. I know you must have been excited to meet them.

I loved Oregon and Colorado! I want to go back!

I'll read back through your blog... but I probably won't comment... I am having headaches and it is hard to think and I will have to read a bit here and there.