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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Camp Io-Dis-E-Ca time!

My kids have all LOVED going to our district’s church camp for a week in the summer.         Io-Dis-E-Ca is a beautiful facility and the kids always have a great time there.  Ethan went on July 12 with his friend Aidan, and friend from church, Taylor. 

welcoming committee

we were greeted at the entrance by two “happy camp staff”

unloading the van

yeah…this is the moment where Ethan is saying, “Mom..umm…I don’t see my sleeping bag in here anywhere!”  Thank goodness for Walmart 20 minutes away!

Aidan Ethan Taylor

they loaded all their gear into the boat.  Can you almost hear their excitement when they discovered that


raft village

would be their home for the week?  Yep…they got to stay in the raft village. According to Ethan “the bugs were bad, but it didn’t matter…it was COOL!”

Ethan Aidan Taylor

all ready to camp for the week.  At this point they were saying “MOMS!  Put the camera away and LEAVE already!”  So we did…to go to Walmart to buy a sleeping bag.

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