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Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Cousins

From this


in May of 2005 (at cousin Jessica’s wedding)



Same boys…standing in the same order…wow…have they changed a little??

Aaron (3rd oldest), William (oldest), Caleb (2nd oldest), Adam (4th oldest), Nathan (5th oldest), Cameron (youngest of the 6)

Then we did it again, and added Jason and Ethan.  Jason was busy with wedding stuff at Jessica’s wedding and missed out on the photo fun.  And Ethan was off being…4 or 5 and couldn’t be bothered to pose for pics with the big guys.  But we wanted to include them this time!


Jason is the oldest of Lester and Mary’s 8 grandsons.  And Ethan is the youngest.

We, of course, couldn’t leave the girls out.


would have been easier if we would have had them go in age order, but they wanted to be like the boys and go by height…but…I THINK Jessica sneaked up one, LOL

Jenna (2nd oldest), Rachel (3rd oldest), Jessica (oldest), Sarah (fourth oldest), Hannah (youngest)

That is the 13 grandchildren.  In case you are interested…here is the list in age order.

Jessica, Jason, William, Jenna, Caleb, Aaron, Nathan, Cameron, Adam, Rachel, Sarah, Hannah, Ethan.

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Lisa said...

Oh my goodness Sandy....look at how much your boys have grown in just 4 years! WOW.....Love all of the pics! Thanks for sharing them!