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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Did You Fall off the Face of the Earth?

Did you ever make it home from Hawaii? 

These are a couple of emails I have received in the past week or so.  Since my last post was from my final sunset in Hawaii…I can see why some may wonder if I ever made it home.  The answer is “physically, yes.  Mentally?  I’m still there sitting by the beach.”

I’ll give a quick summary of my past few weeks, then I’ll add a few posts of pictures.  I know some are anxiously awaiting seeing some pictures from Ohio!

We got home from Hawaii on Sunday the 28th.  We landed in Minneapolis at around 5:30 am our time (which was about 12:30 am or so according to our body’s time clock!)  We drove (well…I drove…Sam, Lisa and Caleb slept, LOL) home and I made it to church in time for the last part of the sermon hymn.  I managed to stay awake until about 8 pm that night, and then crashed.  It was good to sleep in my own bed, that’s for sure. 

Monday at 6 am was an early rising after such a long day the day before, but that’s when the alarm went off for us to head to Iowa City for Caleb’s orientation at The University of Iowa!


We spent two days there, then dropped a boatload of $$ at Best Buy, getting Caleb his graduation laptop.  He’s quite happy with it, I do believe.

We returned home late Tuesday (well…we went to Sumner for a swim meet, then came home around 9) to frantically do laundry and repack and prepare for a week away from home.  All 6 of us left on Wednesday around 1 and headed to Ohio.  We visited my family for a few days (photos to follow), and attended my class reunion at a Toledo Mud Hens game (pictures in another post),  then traveled to Ron’s folks for a fun filled few days (including a 55th wedding anniversary celebration for Ron’s parents on Sunday)  Kings Island with the family on Tuesday, and (some of us) came home on Wednesday.  Cameron remained in Ohio for a few days with his cousin Nathan and Aunt Martha.  Then the two boys spent a week with Nathan’s dad in Missouri. 

We got home that Wednesday for Caleb to pack up for 10 days of dog sitting.  Our friend Kelly and Adam and Aidan arrived on Friday and spent a few days, and we took Ethan and Aidan and another friend to our church camp for a week on Sunday.

So…last week, Cameron was in Missouri, Caleb was dogsitting (came home only for meals) and Ethan was at camp.  It was a quiet week with just Rachel here! 

Now we are all home and under one roof again (I could tell by the volume in the kitchen when all 4 were working on doing dishes….)

So, now I’ll start sorting through all those pictures and find a few (ha!) to share!

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Dawn said...

Oh man!!! I wish I would have known you were coming to Toledo! I live by Westfield Mall!!! BOO!!! I haven't been blog hopping in awhile, so I never saw your post that you were coming!!