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Sunday, November 11, 2007

What's for dinner?

It's a typical Sunday here. We celebrated the addition of a new child into God's family at church today, with the baptism of Janiece and Dave's little fella, and then Ron, Rachel and I went to their home and enjoyed a delicious brunch and visiting with both families. Ron and Ethan headed to an auction sale of one of our members who will be moving out of state, and I stayed back to do my homework on the First and Second Petition of the Lord's Prayer from Luther's Large Catechism, for Bible Study this afternoon (nothing like waiting til the last minute, huh?) Cameron and Rachel are making good use of the extra screen time they earned yesterday by raking and bagging 40...YES FORTY!! bags of leaves out of the front and back yards. Caleb is at his final performance of the play he was asked to be in just this past Tuesday. (We attended last night, and we just hooted and was really a funny play, called "The Divine Stella Devine" )

My Aunt Ruth (Dad's sister) was taken to a local hospital and then transferred by life flight to a larger city hospital, after having what they "think" is a heart attack. Prayers are appreciated!

Bible Study at 4, and then the kids will probably be hungry for supper. And for once, I have already planned out what we will have for Sunday evening dinner! We're having Macho Nachos. Here's the recipe!


Hummie said...

Oh my goodness...THAT recipe is something my family would eat! OH, I'm suddenly hungry!

I hope your Aunt is doing better today. I pray God be with her and give her peace and that He guide the doctors hands and mindes.

Hummie said...

Okay, I was afraid I'd lose this recipe, so I stuck it on my own blog and left you love!

Anonymous said...

This looks easy and good. Perfect for my busy teens. Thanks for sharing this recipe. :)