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Sunday, November 4, 2007

A new week begins

and our thoughts and prayers have to be that it be a better, less stressful week for us, and for our good friends Richard and Marge and their family. We have suffered with them, prayed with them, hugged them, and done our best to comfort them this week, but it never seems to be enough. Simon's funeral on Thursday was "fabulous", "fantastic", "tremendous" or "great", depending on which family member/community member is speaking to you at the time. I must say that Ron did do an absolutely superb job with the funeral. No one left the funeral wondering if they were a sinner who needed Jesus. All were plainly told! People heard the Gospel boldly preached. Outstanding hymns were sung. I pray that the family will look back on that service and constantly be reminded of their need for Jesus.

My prayers continue for them all, and will continue for the weeks and months ahead! Here's a picture from our "family tradition" Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma Marge and Grandpa Richard's on Easter Sunday, 2003. Simon is on the porch.
Someday we will know all the answers...til then, we just have to trust God!

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Lisa said...

I meant to recommend this book to you for Simon's family. I haven't read it, but I have heard others that have have really apprciated it. You might want to proof it first....
"The Fierce Goodbye"...
our prayers are with those he left behind.