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Sunday, November 11, 2007

So what's that they say

about the best laid plans....yeah..well...we didn't get macho nachos for supper tonight. Rats. Ron and I went to a chili supper at the town hall instead. But that just means we'll have the stuff for nachos another day this week. Although...looking at the'll be amazing if we eat any meals together as a family this week! Monday night is cross country awards. Tuesday I'm going with a friend who sells Simply Fun when she does a show about 2 hours from here. (It honestly wouldn't take much for me to get involved with selling those things...what FUN games there are!) Wednesday is, of course, church, Thursday is daycare board meeting, and Friday/Saturday we will be in Dubuque for a family getaway kind of celebration for Ethan's 9th (yikes! Did I say NINTH??) birthday on Monday. I'll be teaching 6th grade language and literature all week long (subjects that are near and dear to my heart!) So, I may not have much time for scrapping, recipe submitting, blogging, etc.

I did this page tonight. It's from Ron's recent trip to Africa.
credits for the scrap page: Kimlizzy template 9, and papers and alphas are from's "Out of Africa" kit.

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Hummie said...

LOL...what a typical family you are! I hope you find time to eat those macho nachos soon...they sound yummy to me.

Really cool layout...the papers and the diamonds really give it an African feel.