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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fun Family Getaway

Our family enjoyed a quick overnight getaway to Dubuque. We stayed at the Grand Harbor Resort and the waterpark part of it was a huge hit with everyone. We played and swam on Friday from 6:30-10, and on Saturday enjoyed a big breakfast buffet and then swam from 10:30 til almost 1. Next we walked out to see the Mississippi River (RIGHT behind our hotel), but it was COLD so we didn't stay out there long! The next stop was the Mississippi Riverboat Museum and Aquarium where we saw all kinds of cool fish and stuff. We learned some interesting facts about catfish, and erosion, and the history of riverboats and barges along length of the Mississippi. The final stop was the Fenelon Place Elevator where we took a ride to the VERY COLD top!

Here are a few pictures of the weekend.The kis played for a LONG time on this snake!Cameron happily dumps a bucket of water on Caleb's head!

I'll add more photos later...blogger is giving me headaches and not wanting me to upload any more pictuers. We'll see how it goes tomorrow! :-)

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