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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving Menu

ok, so I'm kind of thinking "out loud" here...making my list of foods for the weekend.

Sue Ann and Bill and kids will be here Thursday afternoon. YAY! We'll have spaghetti for supper, since after traveling all day, no one is ever hungry for a big dinner.

Friday we'll have appetizers of braunschweiger dip, salsa and chips and veggies. We'll eat our big dinner around 2.

For that we are having:
2 turkeys (one fried, one roasted)
mashed potatoes
sweet potato casserole
corn casserole
maybe cranberry relish?
pumpkin pie
pecan pie bars

I think that's it...but who knows..there may be things switched in or out before serving time.

I'm so thankful for a sister and her family who are willing to make the trip out here to see us for this holiday!

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