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Friday, March 16, 2007

Whew what a week!

I have new respect for the term "TGIF!" I was (well..the whole FAMILY was) on the go all week long! Monday was a no-school day, so we spent the day getting the house together again...doing laundry...just basically getting caught up.

Tuesday was circuit pastor's conference at Klinger. Had a great day of visiting with the pastor's wives in our circuit. What a houseful of kids we had there! It was lots of fun trying to have a conversation in-between all the interruptions from the young ones. It was also fun watching them all play together. That evening we had the 6th grade variety show. Rachel sang in the choir. There are some talented 6th graders at SF-MS!

Wednesday I was THREE people throughout the day! I subbed for Mrs. K while she went for her dr. visit to see if they could get things started with the delivery of this baby. She came back at 10, and then I was Mr. Balk for a couple of hours. I finished the day for Mr. Bernard. Whew...split personality day!

Midweek and worship Wed. evening, with my midweek kids serving the "lunch" after services. They did great...I was proud of their baking and host/hostessing skills!

Mrs. K had her little boy Wed. night at 9:30, so I subbed for her on Thursday (came home with a SICK headache from a combination of being super hot all day, stress of not knowing when to be where, and a couple nights of not sleeping well!) Went to the High School vocal/show choir concert for a tremendous show. I love music! Caleb played valve trombone for the combo for show choir, and they sounded great!

Today I still had a lingering headache but it wasn't horrible like yesterday. It was the end of the "Pennies for Patients" campaign at the middle and elementary schools. (one of the jobs of subbing for Mrs. K was wrapping up this fund-raising activity) The kids did awesome! The middle school raised $1,000! Wow! Elementary raised between 400-500!

Finally, tonight was the Band Parent's carnival at the High School. It was fun, but we're all TIRED!

Hopefully soon, I'll get into the "routine" of working full time, and won't be coming home with headaches every single day! I'm looking forward to the weekend! least Saturday...Sunday will be another hectic day!

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