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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Week one down!

and just 4-5 more to go on this maternity leave I'm covering :-) The classroom that is my "headquarters" is on the upper level on the far west side of the Middle school, and one of the classroom teachers that I assist 2 times a day is on the lower level on the far EAST side of the building. I walk miles and miles doing this job! The good news is that after just a week of doing this, I am no longer huffing and puffing when I get to the top of the stairs!

We are also a little amazed that tomorrow is already the FIFTH Sunday in Lent! While Lent is an incredibly busy time of year for any parsonage family, this year seems more crazy than ever, BUT that has made the time fly! I feel as if I've barely had time to meditate on the passion of Christ this year. I'm praying for some time to just ... think, pray, meditate and rest in God's word this week!

Some of us are looking forward to a Palm Sunday weekend trip to Ohio for Nathan's confirmation (some have to stay behind because of JOBS and silly it is to have to have a JOB!) Caleb and I will miss being a part of the family gathering!

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