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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pinewood Derby excitement!

Ok..the Cub Scout Pack 83 Pinewood Derby is always a STRESSFUL event for our family. Neither Ron nor myself are woodworkers..we don't have the skills or tools to make things out of wood! But it is always SO exciting for Ethan (as it was for Caleb and Cameron a few years back!) Thankfully we have resources in the members of our congregation! Dave Jacobson very kindly agreed (on quite SHORT notice this year!) to help with the shaping of Ethan's car. (When I say short notice, I mean that we called him on Thursday, asked if he could help us on Friday, 'cause the race was TODAY!) Well, Dave did an outstanding job with helping Ethan with his car! It looked pretty cool when we left his house yesterday. Ethan came home and he painted his car white, and then sprayed a bit of silver on it for added "coolness".

A BIT of stress when we got there 10 minutes before race time for a weigh in, to discover that the car weighed 5.38 oz. It can only weigh a frantic run home to drill out some of the graphite. Weighed it again and it was 4.25 ounces. More drilling. Then it was 5 and 1/8 ounces. A BIT more drilling and it was 5 ounces on the nose. Whew!

There were 3 cars in the Wolf pack race this afternoon. They raced on one track (3 lanes) so that each car raced each other car, always in a different lane. So I think they raced 4 or 5 times in that round. They raced a second round a little later. During the first round, Ethan's car came in second every time, behind his friend Curtis. A couple of the times it was a photo finish...they were neck and neck! The second round, Ethan beat Curtis' car every time! So they were tied, and had to do a "race off". Ethan came in second on that one by just a bit. He gave his friend a high five and congratulates, and happily came home with a 2nd place trophy! (A COOL trophy!)

It was fun for Ethan to have Caleb and Cameron be the race judges for the event! And we have to admit that they didn't cheat! Ethan got second place fair and square :-)

A BIG thanks to Dave for helping make the car, and for coming to cheer Ethan on at the race today!

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Hummie said...

Oh my! Does that ever bring back memories. Been there, done that, many times over! Only I WAS the ONE who was stuck trying to shape that car and weight it with the boys. I'm so glad I don't have to do that any more. It was stressful.