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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

South Dakota Bound—Monday

With 3 kids working at the pool this summer, there isn’t going to be much of a chance for the 6 of us to get away together.  We will try to do things with the kids individually for a little getaway throughout the summer.  Recently it was Ethan’s turn.  He and Ron and I traveled to South Dakota for a few days.  A beautiful state!

It rained on Monday THE WHOLE WAY THERE!  A yucky, drizzly, icky rain.  We stopped at the Corn Palace, of course, just to say Ethan had been there.




Ethan was tickled to eat a Corn Dog at the Corn Palace.  What fun!

We then drove on to the Badlands.  We had a quick stop at the Prairie Dog town.


Aren’t they cute little critters??

Then we parked and walked around in the badlands for just a little while.



Gosh I love this kid!  We had a BUNCH of fun together!


Ron is great about stopping and pointing interesting things out to Ethan!  What a GREAT dad!


Because it was so rainy/drizzly all day, and we didn’t want to set up a tent to have it rain on us just to take it down and pack it up wet the next morning, we got a Kabin at the KOA in Interior, SD.  I LOVED it, and would be perfectly happy to never sleep in a tent again.  I’m a Kabin fan!



Evening at the White River, Interior, SD


The (chilly) end of day one!

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