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Monday, June 21, 2010

Cameron’s Latest…

OK…I thought Cameron reached the limit of goofiness with his golf outfit…but nope.  THIS tops it!



The story…

They were bored.  It was Tuesday.  Cameron and Anthony went to the golf course for a while, but their friend Sam, who was bartending at the time, said “really, guys…it’s men’s night tonight and you really shouldn’t be here…you aren’t old enough”.

Well…they didn’t like hearing THAT, so they went to Tony’s house…got their hats…sunglasses….and took the ARMS OFF OF A STUFFED MONKEY!!!! and stuck those arms to their faces and went BACK to the golf course…thinking “Now we look old enough”

Cameron came home and said “Yeah…it didn’t work.  And all we wanted was a Shirley Temple!” 

Oh my GOSH…life is NEVER dull around here!

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