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Monday, June 21, 2010

Our 15th Dairy Days!

Wow…I can’t believe we are starting our 15th year here!  Our first Dairy Days was jut the week after we moved in.  We were very impressed with the celebration this little town put on!


Parade Candy!  Ethan and his friend Briesse scrambled for the goodies!


Of course, for the past few years, Dairy Days means funnel cakes for us!  The Youth Group made around 700 funnel cakes during the 2 day celebration!  Thanks to all the great help we had, we profited about $2,200!  WOW!!




And, of course, games, games, games.  The kids think they are fun.  Wonder when they begin to realize how much $$ they waste here??


YAY!  Here comes the BAND!  My favorite part of the parade!!


Rachel on the right with her clarinet.


Cameron and his trumpet :)

What a great couple of days it was.  BUT, we are always glad when it is OVER!

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