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Monday, January 26, 2009

Pursuing Picaso

Oh...I found a new hobby! There's a store in Cedar Falls called "Pursuing Picaso". At least I think that's the name, LOL. You go in and you pay $6 to use their supplies, and then you pick out any plain white ceramic item that you wish to paint. They all have varying prices, and they include all KINDS of kitchenware like coffee cups and mugs, teacups and saucers, soup mugs, soup bowls, huge platters, cake plates, dinner plates, etc. They also have vases, and just all KINDS of things to choose from. Then, you use their glazes and paint any design you wish onto your item. When you are done, they will fire it for you, and you can pick it up a week later.

A group of ladies went there a couple of Sunday's ago, and we had so much fun! I got my mug last night. Here's what it looks like!


the glaze on the bottom is light brown flecked like sand!


can you tell it's been a LONG winter in Iowa???


I sponge painted the cloudy sky.

I can't WAIT to go back and try something else!


1 comment:

Zaroga said...

It turned out great, Sandy.