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Thursday, January 15, 2009

How Low Can You go?

Temperature wise,  I mean.  The current temp is -14.  The current wind chill is -39.  That's a bit warmer than the wind chill earlier today that hit -41!  Pretty chilly, huh?

It's been an interesting week, weather wise around here.  On Monday, we got out of school at 11:45 due to in impending blizzard. And it did snow HARD Monday afternoon, that's for sure, and the wind blow that snow all around for a while.  Tuesday we had a 1 hour delay.  Never mind that everyone else in the state had a 2 hour delay...we went with just 1 hour.  Yesterday, Wednesday, we had no school.  Today, due to the bitter, dangerous cold temps, there was no school again.  They've just called us for a 2 hour delay tomorrow, too.  What a mixed up week of school!

My step-brother, Scott, died on Monday.  I was planning on being well on my way to Ohio by now for the Friday night memorial service, but due to the weather, and Ron's car not starting, I had to change my plans.  I wish I could be there with my dad and his wife and the rest of their family during this sad time.  They know I'd like to be there, though, and that is what counts.  This is the especially difficult part about living so far from home!

So today has been a "veg in front of the computer and TV watching a "Grissom lives on" CSI Marathon!  A whole day of CSI makes ANY day a good day for me!


1 comment:

Zaroga said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your step-brother.

I wish Grissom wasn't leaving. Hopefully the show will still be watchable without him.