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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dude, Where's My Tuba??

Ok, we are really chuckling hard at Caleb to night.  It seems he was tricked in band today.  Evidently, there is a "tradition" in band, that if you aren't paying  attention to your instrument, the person sitting next to you will silently twist off your mouthpiece and pass it down the row.  It's been an ongoing game the band members play with each other. 

For the last couple of days, kids have been teasing Caleb by,moving his tuba into a corner when his back is turned.  He always turns around and immediately spots it and says "Guys!  You can't hide a TUBA!" 

Today Caleb was passing out his senior pictures in band, and was distracted for quite a while.  Some of his "friends" snagged his tuba and hid it in a closet!!  Caleb went back to his seat and later said "I didn't even notice!"  Mr. Work, the band director, lifted his arms to begin directing and said "WHY do I have a tuba mouthpiece on my director's stand?"  Caleb said "well, I don't think  it's mi....." as he realizes that his ENTIRE tuba is missing.  And no one is talking!  It wasn't just hidden in the corner.  He walked and looked and peeked all over that room before finding it in the closet.  He is laughing about it as well, but the common refrain around our house tonight is "Caleb!  HOW do you LOSE a TUBA!?!?


Zaroga said...

LOL... fun post, Sandy.

Shannon - Designer, said...

That's hilarious? My lil brother played tuba from 6th grade until he graduated last year, so I understand how difficult and humorous it is to actually lose a tuba!