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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to Katie Luther!

On this date in 1499, (thanks for the correction, brain knew the numbers, but my fingers went too fast, LOL) Katharina von Bora was born in Kobenhagen, Germany. She married Martin Luther on June 13, 1525. According to Wikipedia, "Katharina is often considered one of the most important participants of the Reformation because of her role in helping to define Protestant family life and setting the tone for clergy marriages."

I fall short of being a perfect "Katie Luther" type pastor's wife, because I can't (won't) brew beer for my own "Martin". I do support and encourage Ron in his brewing (but I DO encourage him to do it OUTSIDE so he doesn't stink up the house, LOL)



Mary Koch said...

I wish that we could all be like Katie Luther. What a great woman she must have been to put up with all that she did with Martin!
They have the same wedding anniversary as we do.
Mary Koch

Kathy S said...

Uh, Sandy, that would be 1499 for the year Katie was born. If she had been born in 1449, she would have been 76 when she married Martin!!

Kathy S said...

It's always easier to check someone else's writing than your own. :)