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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

20 years ago...

right about this MINUTE...the lights went out at the Bavarian Haus in Deshler, OH.  How do I know this?  It was at my WEDDING reception.  Yep.  Biggest party I've ever thrown (well...had thrown for me), and the MOST fun we'd EVER had, and right in the middle of the polka dancing and second meal...a thunder storm came rolling through NW Ohio and the lights all went out and everyone went home.  The backup generator didn't work, so the band packed up and went home, all our family and friends (4-500 people!!) went home...and we can STILL picture Ron's dad stranded in the middle of the dance floor holding a couple of plates of food and hoping NOT to get run into by all the people who were dancing in the dark! 

Oh, did we have fun.  Square dancing, polka dancing, visiting and laughing with all the people in our lives who were important to us.  What a great day that was!

We thought we were in love that day.  Little did we know at the time, but we didn't even know what love WAS at that point.  Twenty years later and we are still in love...more so than ever before.  We still laugh and have fun together.  We still bicker and argue about things (Rachel told us the other day "Oh, would you two STOP it!  You sound like an old married couple!"  Ron just said "well, what do you think we are??")  We enjoy traveling and seeing new things, experiencing new things and just being together. 

I thank God every single day for choosing Ron for be my best friend, my companion, my lover, my hero, my husband.

Twenty years =

17 homes

10 vehicles

1 dog

countless fish

5 guinea pigs

4 hamsters

6 jobs

25 states

And of course, 4 beautiful children!

Twenty years = lots and lots of fun!  I can't WAIT to see what God has planned for the next twenty years!!



Our engagement photo---man...was that the 80's or what??


January 7, 1989




Anonymous said...

You had to know I would have some kind of smart comment. :)

Nice Glasses :)

Just kidding I am sure if you would look at my picture from that day you would see my stylish blue glasses, that according to mom, I thought were the coolest.

I hope you had a good day. Love you guys!


Mary Koch said...

Yes, things have changed in 20 years. Happy 20th Anniversary!
Was good to hear from Ronnie last night (2/8/09)
May God continue to bless you as He has in the past

Aubri said...

Here here! Happy 20th anniversary to you guys! I love the pictures!

Totallyscrappy said...

Happy Anniversary!
Oh, I miss the 80's. You were a lovely bride. A fan bouquet, even.
Enjoy your day!

CynR said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary!! And to many, many more!!!

Zaroga said...

I'm behind in reading... congratulations!