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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Parade of Bands

The 5-12th grade band program held its annual Parade of Bands on Tuesday, March 11. It began with both 5th grade bands performing together for the first time. Then, the 6th grade band played, followed by the 7th grade band.

Rachel, of course, played her clarinet magnificently!
She was also recognized for being selected and participating in the Tri-State Honor Band in Decorah on March 1. I was ill and unable to attend that, but Ron attended the concert, and was impressed with all those 7th and 8th grade band students! It was a full day, beginning with a bus ride at 7, rehearsals and lessons and try-outs all day, and ending with a 6:30 pm concert! Rachel did GREAT!

OK, back to Parade of Bands...after the 7th grade band played, it ws the 8th grade band's turn. And finally, the High School concert band had their chance to shine. The progression of the bands from 5th grade to the high school band is always impressive!

Caleb (top left, tuba) and Cameron (second from right, back row, trumpet). The band did a tremendous job!

Following the hour long program, Ron and I determined that, with Caleb in 11th grade, Cameron in 9th, Rachel in 7th and Ethan in 3rd, we only have NINE more Parade of Band concerts to attend! Oh, joy!
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