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Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Mouse Catchers...

OK, now that Grandma is gone (or at least not going to be reading this til she IS gone) we can tell about the adventure of mouse catching at our house! One night a month or so ago, Caleb came upstairs needing some soap for the shower. I told him to look in the linen closet in the bathroom. He came out a few minutes later with this really puzzled look on his face. ""

"Yes?" I replied.

"Why is there a jar of peanut butter in the linen closet?"

Ron, who was also sitting in the living room, quickly tried to hush Caleb and said, "It's that thing we talked about last night...remember? And remember? We AREN'T TELLING MOM!!!"

Well, of course, by then it was too late and they HAD to tell me what they were talking about. It seems that Ron had seen evidence of a mouse a couple of weeks (YES...I said WEEKS!) earlier, and had been working to catch the little critter.'s a smart little critter. When Ron would put Velveeta or peanut butter on the trap, the little guy would either trip the trap and eat the snack, or eat it without tripping it. Ron had set the trap in the bathroom, and had been checking it nightly. He had been sneaking into the pantry to get into the peanut butter jar. But he'd have to try to sneak past me in the living room, with the peanut butter. After several nights of this, Ron got smart, and moved the jar of peanut butter in to the linen closet.

Well, the original plan wasn't working. Next, Ron went to the hardware store to get a different kind of trap (since the mouse is too smart for a NORMAL trap). He got one of those sticky traps...where the mouse is supposed to walk on it and get stuck. Yes, I said "supposed to." As I is a SMART little mouse! You know what he did? He PUSHED the sticky trap over to the regular trap, tripped it, and then ate the peanut butter off of it. And he did this more than once. (This mouse also ate through the wire of Caleb's Wii sensor...TWICE!)

Ok, so by now...Ron is getting frustrated! It's Lent...he's been doctoring me while I've been sick and running me all over for surgeries and doctors appointments and things, all the while keeping up with the laundry...and the cooking...and the kids....and work....basically being a WONDERFUL husband, dad and pastor! He was NOT going to let this mouse get the better of him!! By now it's been something like 3 WEEKS that he's been after this mouse! At this point, Rachel said "Gosh, Dad! Pretty soon we're going to have to NAME him!" (which was really NOT a helpful thing for her to say!)

So, it's BACK to the hardware store for Ron...And he really means BUSINESS this time! He is SERIOUS about getting this little whatever means necessary! So here is what he came home with...

see....I TOLD you he was serious about this!
He and Caleb studied the box and worked at getting it all figured out...
and they get things set up all over the house. Sticky suff...smelly stuff that is supposed to attract the mouse TO the sticky stuff...a trap that he is supposed to walk into and not be able to get out of....

and...well...we STILL haven't caught the dumb thing. Sigh. Maybe Rachel is right. We may have to name the thing!

and maybe we need to trade KT in for a kitten! SHE has certainly been clueless about this whole thing! Ron has even called her into the bathroom with him and shut the door...waiting for her to round up that mouse...and KT just looks at him with a look that says "OK...WHY are we in here again?" Ethan caught Ron and KT coming out of the bathroom together one time and was...rather confused. "Dad! Why was KT in the BATHROOM with you?"
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