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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Making Placemats

I am not a sewer, but when my Chit Chat friend Marion gave me the instructions for these, I thought "Now THAT I can do!" Of course, I waited until my mother-in-law was here to guide and help me...otherwise I still probably wouldn't have begun!

We purchased the material at Wal-mart on Monday.

We cut the quilt batting into 18 x 12.25 rectangles (figuring the sizes and numbers was the MOST difficult part of making these palcemats!)
We cut the purple and yellow backing materials to the same size.
Then, we cut strips that were 18 x 2.25 out of all of the other material. We planned for 7 strips for each placemat.
All of the materials cut and ready to be sewed!Next we sewed the strips to the batting and the backing. We sewed up 6 of them, (well...My mother-in-law pinned and I worked GREAT with the two of us (just don't ask how much we ripped out!) and then we trimmed them to size. The finished size is approximately 11 x 17.
We cut 2.5 inch wide strips and then folded and pressed them, and then we sewed them on for the binding.
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