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Saturday, May 30, 2009

My little girl is 14!

And a lovely 14 at that!  She had a great day today, I think!  We went to Waterloo early this morning, and she took her test to get her driver's permit.  (Yeah...we live in a whacky state that allows 14 year old kids to DRIVE!)  She passed!  Woo she now has homework for Monday's driver's ed class.  We got haircuts, and swimming suits and ate at Applebee's. What a great day!


Isn't she lovely?  CUTE hair cut!  We'll have to do some pics outside so you can actually see the hairstyle a bit better.  But I love it, and I think she does, too!



She is beautiful...inside and out!  She has a great personality, a strong faith, brains, a loving spirit and is just fun to be around.  God has richly blessed us with this daughter of ours!

1 comment:

tracy said...

sandy she looks adorable in that haircut...well, shes just adorable anyway :)

but really, the driving??? omg... i cant fathom that really. its crazy.