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Friday, May 1, 2009

"Ever After"

So I've mentioned Sam in a couple of my recent posts.  He and Caleb have been friends since kindergarten, and we really enjoy him.  We couldn't have hand picked a better friend for him.  Sam tried out for the school play this spring.  After casting was complete, Sam informed Caleb that they were short a security guard in the play, and Caleb would fit the part perfectly.  So Caleb, being the helpful and fun guy that he is, said "ok".  We're so glad he did!

The performance was last night.  It was HYSTERICAL!  From the first night of practice, Caleb has been proudly saying "I've had my lines memorized since the first practice!"  (and then he sheepishly said "I don't really say anything." ) 

Sam was the main character, Monty.  He played a "Maury Povich" type talk show host. 



His goal on this show was to reunite estranged fairy tail characters.  First it was Cinderella and her ugly step sisters.  


The "Ugly step-sisters"


Monty and his awesome security guard.


He is a singing...


AND dancing...


and singing


security guard, who wouldn't let the wicked witch get to Snow White.


Jiminy Cricket was also a guest on the show


hee, hee...I love this picture of Sam!


and the "Frog" prince was the final guest. 


he needed to be kissed by a princess to remain a real prince!  Fortunately, there were TWO princesses on the show!


did I mention he was a DANCING security guard?


yeah!  Look at those moves!


The end.

wait...notice any similarities between the above photo and THIS one?

Awesome performance, guys!  You were FUN to watch!



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tracy said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! i love those pictures! they look like they are having fun and the show looks great..