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Friday, May 29, 2009

Graduation Day!

Twenty-five years after our OWN high school graduation days, Ron and I attended the graduation of our first born.  Those 25 years have passed so amazingly quickly! I just can't believe it!

Caleb is an amazing young man, and we are tremendously proud of his accomplishments these past 13 years of school.  His grades are wonderful, and he's graduating from high school with between 18-20 college credits (something like that...I don't know for sure, LOL) He has great friends that we enjoy and trust.  Caleb has a steady and strong faith that is evident in his life.  We thank God for what He has allowed Caleb to accomplish, and we can't WAIT to see what God has planned for him next!


Caleb received recognition for being on the High honor roll.


Caleb gives Grandpa M a hug.


The turning of the tassle


Caleb and Sam as they leave the ceremony.


Congrats, Caleb!

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