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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pumpkin carving fun...

We had guests for Halloween this year!  Kelly and her boys made the trip up to our house for an all too short, but fun filled visit this week.  They arrived on Wednesday evening, and left on Saturday.  We crammed LOTS of fun into those days!

Kelly and the boys didn't get to see much of Caleb.  He had an FCCLA lock-in on Thursday night.  We had no school on Friday, but since Caleb is enrolled in 3 college classes through the ICN Network, HE had classes on Friday, after being awake all night at the lock-in.  After classes, he was home for a few hours, and then headed to the library for yet ANOTHER Lock in!  He, Cameron and Rachel worked at the library Halloween party and then they spent the night at the lock in.  At 7 the next morning, Caleb and Cameron got on a bus to travel to the state cross country meet, where 2 of our girls won (GO Jodi (4th place) and Ashley (12th place!)).  They got home at about 8 pm last night.  They were plum tuckered out, and pretty much went straight to bed.  Rachel was asleep by 11 am yesterday, and I woke her at 8 this morning for church!  It was a quiet evening around here last night.

Here are a few pictures from our Halloween pumpkin carving!

2008-10-31Halloween with Rottmanns13

Rachel encourages us to separate out all the seeds so they can be roasted for a she and her dad really enjoy!

2008-10-31Halloween with Rottmanns17

2008-10-31Halloween with Rottmanns22

2008-10-31Halloween with Rottmanns21

2008-10-31Halloween with Rottmanns41

2008-10-31Halloween with Rottmanns32

Caleb was a bit incoherent by this time on Friday.  We didn't let him use a knife!

2008-10-31Halloween with Rottmanns48

Rachel asked for her dad's help in getting the mouth carved out just right.

2008-10-31Halloween with Rottmanns52

2008-10-31Halloween with Rottmanns53

2008-10-31Halloween with Rottmanns54

2008-10-31Halloween with Rottmanns59

2008-10-31Halloween with Rottmanns60

2008-10-31Halloween with Rottmanns61

Didn't they do a great job??? 

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