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Monday, October 20, 2008

No School Today!

YAY!  It was an in-service day, and since I'm hourly...I didn't have to go in.  What a WONDERFUL way to spend a Monday!  Woo Hoo.  I slept in...went for a walk, and got some scrapbook pages made!  Then we went out to supper (Chinese Buffet...YUM!) and did some grocery shopping and KMart shopping. 

I can't wait to have another day off!

Here are some of the pages I did.

Caleb senior pictures 08

(These photos are (c) Kohl's Photography.  Didn't Lorry do a GREAT job??? How will we ever decide which we want to purchase??)

I used a kit called Cranberry Breeze by my friend Lisa.  Check out her blog for her awesome templates and kits!

Caleb and Cameron CC 08

Here's one of Caleb and Cameron at last week's Upper Iowa Conference Cross Country meet.  The papers are stuff I made, but the template is from Lisa.

And...Are you tired of Harvey stuff yet?  Here are 2 pages I made from photos from the play.  I'll do a few more if I can get some more pictures.  I would really like to do a total cast page.  I know someone took a get a copy of it :)

Harvey 01 

I created the background paper...I worked and worked to get that paper to match the set design...I think I did a pretty darned good job!  The template was converted to DIP by

Lisa and was originally one of Hummie's templates. I adapted it just a bit to make it work with my own pictures and ideas :)

Harvey 02

Signature 6

1 comment:

Hummie said...

Hey, I thought I spied a template of mine! Thanks for sharing.

I have to get Jaron's senior photos done up like that too yet.