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Sunday, October 19, 2008

State Marching Band Contest

I had to miss this year's State Marching Band contest due to being quite ill with a flu bug...yuck!  Ethan and I were both sick last Saturday and spent the day basically in bed.  So these photos are all compliments of Rachel.  When I have the time to get onto Ron's computer and play with the flip video thing again, I'll upload the performance onto you tube and get that posted on here, too.  But for are a few photos of the Pride of S-F!

They played "Music from Styx"  which is AWESOME!


Lining up on the field...ready to perform.


Isn't it convenient how Caleb (tuba) and Cameron (trumpet) ended up marching so close together?  Makes for a great photo op!


It was a beautiful day in Waterloo.  Too bad I had to miss it!

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