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Thursday, October 2, 2008

This could only happen

to one of MY kids!  I got a phone call after school today from the secretary at the elementary school.  "We had an incident with Ethan during recess this afternoon." 

My first thought was "Crud!  What did he do to get in trouble today?" 

But then Julie continued.  "Ethan was playing on the playground equipment, when somehow he slipped and his leg went through a bar on the bridge, and his leg/knee got stuck. "

My response was, "ok..."

"We worked for quite a while to get him out.  We iced his knee to get the swelling to go down so he could pull it out.  We also tried to get him to bend his knee, and stretch his leg, and we pushed and pulled and tugged to get him unstuck."

My response, again, was, "ok...."

"I was out there trying to help, and so was Mr. Pederson (the school superintendent!) and a couple other teachers.  We finally even went in and got some butter and spread it all over his leg, hoping that would grease him up enough to pull him out." 

My VERBAL response was "mmm-hmmmm" but INSIDE I'm thinking "You put BUTTER on him????"

"We did eventually get him out, but his knee is kind of swollen and he'll be pretty bruised up for a day or two, and we just thought you should know, so you can follow up with ice and such at home."

I responded with "Ok, I'll surely check on him and see how he's doing as soon as I get home."  But inside, I'm still thinking "You covered his leg in BUTTER???"

Julie, at this point, is trying to stifle her giggles as...come on IS pretty funny...and I thanked her for letting us know what happened.

So I head home, stopping at the church first to see if Ron has heard any of this.  And who should walk in but the little man himself.  I said, "Hey...did you have an adventurous day at school today?"  He just grinned and nodded.  When I said "Julie called me and told me all about it.  Why don't you tell your dad what happened?"  Ethan launched into his explanation.

It seems he doesn't really know for sure HOW his leg slipped and got stuck.  It just  "happened while we were playing tag". 

I asked "How long were you stuck?" 

"At least 15 minutes, and maybe more!"

"Did you cry?"

At that question I got a look as if to say "What do you think I am, a baby?" but he responded with a "NO!"

"Were you scared?"


"Did you think they were going to have to cut off your leg to get you out?"

"No!  I thought they might have to get the tool thing that would spread the bars apart though.  But after the ice and the butter...I just kind of twisted it and it came right out."

And I was back to thinking "BUTTER????"

He's fine.  Sore and swollen, but fine. 

And I'm just glad he didn't get in trouble at school today!

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Jenni said...

Ever get a ring stuck on your finger? BUTTER! Add some APPLE BUTTER to that mix and you'll have a really yummy Ethan!