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Monday, November 17, 2008

Rachel Taps

Well, it was new to me, too, but it sounded AWESOME! Rachel's band director selected her to play taps at the MS's Veteran's Day program last week. I had a LOVELY view of her...all ready to record it...and then the Vets stood up, LOL. Oh, well...the sound is still great!


Lisa said...

Amazing Sandy!
Congrats To Rachel!

LTD said...

Every time I hear taps, I get so emotional. Rachel did an awesome job of it.


kkinflorida said...

Oh Sandy, that brings tears to my eyes. I know you couldn't see Rachel for the military men, but that added such a real and touching dimension to it. Wow.
Karen in FL

Hummie said...

What is wrong with my computer...ugg...I don't hear anything, only see it.