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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ron's Surprise

I came home to quite a surprise after work (and working the concession stand for a girl's basketball game).  I headed into the bathroom and...


Surprise!!!  Ron decided that TODAY was a GREAT day to tear all the tiles off of the bathroom wall.  They've been randomly falling off here and there for all the years we've lived her, and the church council just doesn't have the money to do a "fix" so...he decided to enlist Caleb's help to tear all the plastic tiles off.  The plan is that by the time we have guests on Thursday it will be painted!  It won't be a permanent fix, but perhaps one that will get us through a bit of time.


Rachel and Ethan got in on the priming part.  Glad it's a small room!  Maybe sometime we'll paint the top half, but it WON"T be this weekend!

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1 comment:

FourOf5zs said...

Don't you just love projects that the whole family can work on together..

I hope you post the finished project. Then y'all can come and redo my bathroom.

Happy Thanksgiving!