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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A trip to Versailles!

Missouri, that is! Rachel, Ethan and I left last Thursday to travel to central Missouri, to visit our good, good friends, the Rottmann family. One wonderful thing that happened on this trip, is that we discovered that, by going a different route, the trip is only 6 1/2 hours instead of the 8 that we've been traveling these past 6 years! What an easy trip!

We had a wonderful visit. Our kids and their 3 children get along very well, and had a good time visiting, playing, occasionally getting a bit "wild", and just having fun being together. Rachel had a great time playing "little mom" to their 2 year old...and HE had a wonderful time running away from her and saying "I'm gonna get you!" The 2 of them spent much time reading books, tickling toes and giggling together.

We spent Friday just visiting and playing and chatting. Saturday we traveled to Jefferson City to tour the state capitol building. That was very interesting and we all learned a lot about the state of Missouri. Sunday, after a great Sunday School and worship service, we headed out to Sedalia to a roller skating rink. We had a GREAT time trying to stay upright on those wheels. Some of us had more luck than others, but I'm not telling who!

Monday we left the beautiful 53 degree weather, and headed north to Iowa.

We are truly blessed by God to have such wonderful friends!

Here are a few pictures from our all too brief getaway.

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