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Monday, February 26, 2007

Snow, Ice and ICK!

What a horrible weather weekend we've had here! It started on Friday with nasty sleet/hail, and overnight turned into ice that just didn't stop! On Saturday Ron and the boys chopped about 2 inches of ice off the driveway! Our power was out from 10am til about noon, and then again from 6 pm to 11. I was quite thankful for my gas stove that allowed me to use a fire starter to get the burners going so I could cook a nice meal!

Due to all the ice, we have lots of branches down...some thudded on the house quite loudly! It was a challenge for the kids to find something to do that didn't take electricity. Ron and the kids spent some of the electricity free time taking apart an old photocopier from the church and daycare. It didn't work anymore and was big and clunky. What an adventure with tools THAT was! Everyone enjoyed getting out their tools and trying to take the big thing apart to see how small they can get it.

After supper we braved the BLIZZARD (snowing hard, blowing harder!) conditions and took our dog KT, and the 4 kids and we went for a walk. The kids had a blast trudging through the snow! 13-18 inches of snow was predicted throughout last night, but instead it was mostly rain. It snowed another couple of inches today, but mostly it's a slushy mess outside.

The town has power now, , but the surrounding country homes have been without power for 24 hours, and they are saying it might be close to a week before everyone has power again. I'm thankful we live in town. The kids are THRILLED with a 2 hour delay in the morning, although every OTHER school in the local area has already canceled for the day. Maybe we'll get lucky yet and get the day off, too. It would be our first one this year!

I'll close with some pictures of icicles on our deck, and one of the huge ice covered buds that were falling off of our trees yesterday!


Hummie said...

Wow, those photos and all that journaling really make your day come to life for me. Now you've got it all ready to scrap! >giggle>

I'm glad our weather has not been like that.

Lisa said...

I LOVE the photo with the 3 rails and the icicles.... its GREAT! Almost could use that on your postcard or family letter next year!