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Friday, February 23, 2007

Happy Birthday, Cameron!

Wow! My SECOND child turned 14 today! Cameron was SO excited for his birthday. Ron took him to Casey's for a breakfast pizza this morning...that was a real treat for him! Lots of "Happy Birthday" wishes at school. I picked him up at 3, so we could go to New Hampton so he could take the test for his drivers permit. Yes, one of the JOYs of living in Iowa is that a kid can get their drivers permit at the age of fourteen! YIKES!

Cameron was pretty nervous about it, but got a PERFECT score on his test. The lady at the office was quite impressed, as that was the first perfect score she'd seen in her 7 years on the job! He was proud of himself!

We got a few groceries, and then came home to settle in for the weekend. We made yummy homemade pizza, and later we'll have butterscotch pudding (Cameron's dessert request, LOL) and birthday cake (Thanks "Grandma" Marge!)

Major snow/ice conditions are expected over the weekend. We are under a winter storm warning from 6 pm tonight until 6 pm on SUNDAY night! "They" are predicting 1/2 inch of ice, and then 12-18 inches of snow. A local meteorologist called this "the biggest weather event of the decade for this area!" We will see what happens, as the last snow event they predicted we got NOTHING.

Currently it is 27 degrees and we are having a major THUNDERSTORM of all things. It is hailing and the thunder and lightening are pretty continuous. So far, all has gone according to predictions this round.

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Hummie said...

Wow...age 14? unbelievable. Mine will be 15 in a few weeks and taking his test...maybe I should remind him to study...I know his score will not be so good. lol

Happy birthday Cameron.