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Monday, February 26, 2007

Sigh...all fun must end sometime

and Ethan's fun day of sledding ended a bit painfully. Ron took the kids BACK to the sledding hill after dinner, but came home shortly with Ethan in tow...unable to move his right arm. He went sailing down the hill, over a ramp and flew off his sled and landed on his right arm/shoulder. We gave him a hot bath to warm him up a bit, and when he just couldn't move his arm without lifting it with his left arm and whimpering, we decided a visit to the ER was in order.

Of course, they took x-rays. The doctor and nurse were both surprised to see that nothing was dislocated or fractured. But, because of the amount of pain, and the way he's holding it, they decided a further look would be beneficial. They put him in a sling, gave him tylenol with codeine and sent us home for the night. First thing in the morning, Ron and he will travel to an orthopedic doctor in Charles City...just for a further look.'s hoping he has a good, pain free, restful night!


Hummie said...

Oh, Ethan! I am so sorry you have pain. I pray that God takes away that pain soon.

Lisa said...

Oh Sandy! How terrible.... hope he gets better soon!