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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snow, Snow, Snow

Once again, the kids are thrilled with the 4-5 inches of snow that fell early this morning and throughout the day! It was a light and fluffy snow, fortunately for Caleb and Cameron who had to shovel it!

Church had a slim crowd today, due to all the snow that fell. Ron went part way to West Union for the 8 am service, and turned around and came home. The roads were not good enough for him to continue on!

Services were very nice, and we came home and had honey glazed ham, mashed potatoes and corn. A yummy Sunday dinner. The kids enjoyed playing in the snow and watching movies. The only disappointment about the snow is that it didn't wait 12-24 hours so they'd get a Snow Day out of it! :)

Caleb and Cameron have done a good job of shoveling this year! (of course, we've only had snow TWO times! Caleb worked hard at getting the driveway cleaned off this afternoon! Thanks, boys!

The kids are SO anxious to go sledding, but we just don't have a place for it around here! We may try to go and visit some friends next weekend that have a nice, very hilly, back yard! Rachel had a fun time making SNOW ANGELS this week! Here's some of her artwwork!

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Hummie said...

Oh, great photos! I love that snow angle shot! Stay warm!