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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Music, Music, Music

It's a busy weekend filled with important contests for Caleb! He plays the sax for jazz band, and they had State Contest in Sumner at the high school today. They played at 8:00 am! YIKES that was early, but they sounded awesome! After playing, they had to do a sight reading test...he said it all went well. They got a Division II rating, which was good, but they were really hoping for a I!

Then, at 9:20, the Sumner-Fredericksburg Sensations, (swing choir) had their State contest performance. Caleb plays the valve trombone for that. The choir got a Division I rating! They were AWESOME!!! I love show choir performances. He and I stayed to watch until about noon.

Had to hurry home when we got a phone call from Rachel that Ethan had been bitten by his hamster Chippy. He was sore and bleeding, but mostly...sad that his beloved pet would do that to him! All is well now!

Ron headed to Camp IO-DIS-E-CA to take the junior high youth for their retreat. He has other chaperones, so he just had to drive down there. Cameron was excited about the event, and looking forward to tomorrow's Snow Olympics! BRRRRRR!

Off to make walking tacos for supper :) MMMMM.

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Hummie said...

Walking tacos? Please do share that recipe! Congrats to Caleb and the school on their accomplishments! Oh, and hamsters...too much work for me! You go Mom!