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Monday, January 15, 2007

Let it SNOW!!

or not....I just said that 'cause my kids are SO happy to finally have snow here in NE Iowa! They've been waiting all winter for the white stuff to come down from the sky! It wasn't a "snow day" technically, because there was no school today anyway, due to teacher inservice. So the four kids enjoyed sleeping in, and then playing in the snow. We had to dig out all the hats, boots, coats, gloves and snowpants...a HUGE task. The good news is that there were hand me downs or stored stuff for everyone to get by for today! Even KT the dog got in on some of the snow fun! They all played outside for quite some time, and then had to come in and enjoy some hot cocoa, of course! After the paper route today, we all headed out to the farm fleet store for snowboots and snowpants for Cameron...the only winter supplies we needed to purchase this year! Woo HOO!
Then we shopped at Pamida for a while, and then enjoyed a dinner at Subway. (anyone guess who is gone on a trip this week? LOL...RON...that's why we got to go to SUBWAY! ) We miss him, but we have lots and lots to do this week, so I'm sure the time will go quickly til he's home again!

A good day for us all, even if it WAS bitter cold and snowy!

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