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Saturday, January 6, 2007

Happy 2007!!!

It's been a while, huh? December is gone?!?! How did THAT happen? Ugh...I spent at least 2 weeks of the month really sick. And the rest was just busy, busy, busy!

Christmas with the family was lots of fun. The kids were thrilled with their gifts. A HIGHLIGHT of the Christmas holiday was when Caleb and Cameron and I got to go to a St. Louis Rams/Minnesota Vikings game!!! Go RAMS!!! That was so much fun. None of us had ever been to an NFL game, and the boys are such HUGE Rams fans that it was incredibly fun for ME to watch them watch the game. The final score of 41-21 Rams, was the icing on the cake.

While Caleb and Cameron received tickets to the game for Christmas, Rachel and Ethan were given a day of unlimited rides at the Mall of America. Ron's folks joined us for Monday's adventures at the MOA. We all had lots of fun there. There was so much to see and do! The food was yummy, and we all found a couple of things that we "needed". Of course, the no tax on clothing in Minnesota was a guarantee that we'd come home with some clothing for the kids, at least.

It was a great get-away, and we are glad it all went so smoothly. There WAS one glitch in the whole trip, after we stopped at a rest area. We climbed back in the car, drove away, and an HOUR later, Ron's cell phone rang and he heard his 11 year old daughter say "Daddy. You left me at the rest area!" Oh, the horror we felt. We praise GOD for the custodian working at the rest stop who made sure she was taken care of, and the MN Highway patrol who brought her partway back so that we could be reunited quicker. God was watching over her for those few hours!

Now we're all back to school/work/subbing and trying to find out what "normal" means again!

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