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Thursday, August 24, 2006


That's the name of the recipe I made for supper tonight. OOOH, Yum! Ethan requested it. It's his favorite. He said "This time, Mom, would you make enough so that I can have seconds?" HA...that's a chore when I'm feeding four hungry kids!'s the recipe.


1 pound ground beef
4 T. soy sauce
4 pkgs Ramen noodles (beef or oriental)
1 package frozen broccoli (up to 2 pkgs.)

Brown the ground beef. Sprinkle with the seasoning packets from 3 (or all 4) of the noodle packages. Add the soy sauce and stir to blend. Add the broccoli to the beef, and cook til done. While the broccoli is cooking, cook the ramen noodles. Drain. Stir into the broccoli and beef.


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