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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Man of My Dreams

God knew exactly what I needed when He knit together the man who would become my husband. He created a laid back, funny,  loving,  Godly man who is perfect for me.  

I love him when we are walking down the street together,  and he reaches out to hold my hand.

I love him when he randomly bursts into song (and it is a different song daily... maybe even hourly) ... Yesterday it was "And I'll bet you a drink or two that I can make you put that lampshade on your head" While playing a game on his computer,  and today it was "Winnie the Pooh doesn't know what to do,  Got a honeypot stuck on his nose" while walking down the street in Cedar Falls.

I love him when he patiently puts worms on my hook,  because he knows that I don't like to do it.

I love him when he messes up the lyrics to songs "When the world runs out of bubbles,  we'll still have each other..."

I love him when he mows our lawn,  does the dishes, takes out the garbage,  does our taxes,  and all the other things he does to keep our home running smoothly.

I love him for so readily forgiving me when I say or do something stupid.

I love watching him cheer on our kids in any of their sports or music activities.

I love him for being a man my kids look to for answers to their questions.

I love watching him be a pastor that is loved and respected by congregation and community members.

I love hearing him laugh.

I love seeing new places with him,  and doing new things with him.

I love that my kids respect him.

I just really love Ronnie Koch.   I thank the Lord daily for creating him.   He is the best part of me.

Happy birthday,  Ron.

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