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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Teaching moments…

I spent a delightful afternoon with my daughter!  She’s a lovely girl, inside and out, and I had SO much fun with her today, teaching her how to make cinnamon rolls.  I have yet to find a bad recipe from the Pioneer Woman,  so I chose her AMAZING cinnamon roll recipe to use to start Rachel on.

Here are the results.  Please don’t drool on your computer while you look at these pictures.  Drool is kinda nasty to clean off of a keyboard.



yeah…there are four pans of them in this picture.  That’s just because the OTHER two pans are still in the oven.  Did I mention that PW’s AMAZING cinnamon roll recipe makes SIX or SEVEN pans of cinnamon rolls?? 


Yum!!!  I can’t WAIT for breakfast! 


Beckster said...

They were AWESOME Sandy!! Thank you so much!

Aubri said...

Wow! I've heard cinnamon rolls ship to Nebraska really well.... I almost attempted this exact recipe of PWs a couple years ago but sadly didn't have some of the required items. Wish I had. Phil loves PW. He read her entire "love story"! I didn't even read it all!