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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Even my YOUNGEST is an idiot

(said in the MOST loving manner and tone possible, of course!)  He’s outside shoveling the driveway.  It’s dark, still snowing and 25* outside.  For my first snap of the camera, the settings weren’t quite right, so this is the shot I got.


Yeah.  It’s snowing that hard.  You can kind of see Ethan’s orange coat (at least he was wearing a COAT!)

But THIS is the picture I was trying to get (again…maybe a bit fuzzy because the settings weren’t quite right…)


Yep.  Coat, hat, gloves, boots…and SHORTS!  Sigh…


Kid!  Didn’t your parents teach you ANYTHING in your 12 years?

I just gotta love him!


Ward said...

Seems like something his older brother, Caleb, would do; I could also see Cameron out in shorts in this kind of weather lol

Carolyn said...

love this pic!! i sorta figured that's where you were going with this, but it is funny!! gotta love those kids!