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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Solo and Ensemble Contest

Cameron and Rachel participated in the High School Solo and Ensemble Contest.  Rachel played in a clarinet duet early in the morning and scored a III rating, which she wasn’t thrilled with but didn’t surprise her.  Later in the day she played in a clarinet quartet.




They did a really great job!  I was impressed.  This group got a II rating which was super!  A very talented group of young ladies!

Cameron and his good friend Anthony (sorry…Tony…but he’s been Anthony since kindergarten and I just can’t call him Tony!), did a trumpet duet.  They played Trumpet Voluntary and Trumpet Tune and those boys NAILED it!  The judge put his pencil down at the end and said “You boys need to hire yourselves out for weddings with that!  People will pay good money for that kind of music at their wedding!”

They scored a I.  Woo HOO!



(And yes,…the judge also commented “Which of you made the phone call on the dress code for today?)




Anthony  Tony


Congrats and great job to both Cameron AND Rachel!  I LOVE listening to you play!

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